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PyGrade is a training & exam application for people who want to improve Python skills. The training application is now available for everybody.


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by iLect

About PyGrade

What's PyGrade?

PyGrade is an application for training and testing Python & NumPy skills. It is intended for users who plan to take AI-related education programs on topics such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Data Science. 

Why is it important?

Python is a language that has a lot of useful features and ways to deal with various types of data efficiently. You will be able to do a lot of things if you master them. As a provider of practical AI education programs, we at iLect care about providing such programs to those who need them. In order to maximize the learning effect, it is important to learn the necessary skills before taking the courses.

PyGrade Training

"Practice makes perfect"

"PyGrade Training" is a training application which helps users master Python, NumPy and other programming skills that are best learned before starting advanced AI-related programming. It allows users to execute and learn programming with a great variety of problems to be solved. 

  • Python / NumPy / Pandas

  • Data Structures & Operations

  • List comprehension

  • Regular expression

  • String operations

  • Matrix Operations ...

PyGrade Exam

"PyGrade Exam" will give you a number of short Python problems and you need to solve them within the given time. For each user, problems will be randomly given from more than 10,000 automatically generated problems. This means that the problems will be different among users. For now, PyGrade Tester is provided as an option for iLect's courses. Please contact us if you are interested in using it.  



About PyGrade and related topics, please contact the
iLect team in NABLAS, Inc.
iLect team, NABLAS Inc.
Hongo Tsuna Bld,
6-17-9 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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